chandys homes - feild view, Puthuppally, Kottayam

Field view Apartments can be found tucked away in a quiet residential area overlooking the picturesque paddy fields consisting 24 units. Located at Puthuppally, Kottayam, these apartments have been designed with both new generation and old generations in mind. Field view Apartments capture the beauty of Kottayam in all its sense, thanks to its ideal location. The community surrounding the field view Apartments is safe, quiet, and ideal for those who appreciate an area rich with nature. The Field View Apartments feature the best of buildware in every unit, along with spacious living areas and large windows to showcase the magnificent paddy field views.

Field View is just 6 kms away from Kottayam, giving you an added convenience of being in a serene place sorrounded with lots of greenery. You will appreciate the area's convenience to restaurants, schools, worship centres, and clubs all within a couple of minutes drive.

Project Highlights

  • magnificient paddy field view
  • just 6 kms from Kottayam
  • quiet residential area
  • luxury at an affordable price
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